Monday, April 11, 2016

When Condiments Get Lonely

We always take them for granted, but have you ever realized what life is like without condiments?

You know what I'm talking about, of course---ketchup, soy sauce, fish sauce, pepper, and other spices to add flavor to your food. They are placed in small bottles or bowls and left on restaurant tables.

Unknown to a lot of folks, condiments left on tables for long also get lonely. I saw three of them one afternoon while I was hiking along Quezon Avenue. I entered a popular pizza restaurant somewhere there and spotted these three condiments sadly looking out the window.

They're probably waiting for customers or missing their families back home. You know, condiments also have families they have to feed, that's why they work so hard in restaurants.

So, the next time you eat in a restaurant and see condiments on the table, be kind to them and understand how lonely their job is. Greet them and cheer them. And before you leave the establishment, it won't hurt to leave them a tip.

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