Monday, April 11, 2016

Learning from Water that Goes Around

I don't know---I find it ridiculous how our governments in the Philippines throughout history still hasn't figured out how to use the abundant water around us. We still suffer drought despite the fact that we are an archipelago.

When El Nino strikes, we still rely on the rainfall we got the past rainy season, and how our dams were able to store enough water. We're still at the mercy of the clouds, even if it's already 2016. Other countries have found ways to source drinking and irrigation water with aid from technology, while we remain prehistoric---no rain no water.

I wonder what our governments through the years have been doing about it, and to think that their department secretaries and managers have been receiving high pays.

I saw this fish pond somewhere in the South as I was hiking and wondered---why haven't we used the concept of water cycle in a macro setting? This pond re-uses the water that has poured out of the clay pots in a cycle, so that the used water goes round and round without getting depleted.

Why can't we devise a way to re-use waste water in a macro scale? I saw in one TV program how Japan is able to recycle dirty water from rivers and make it potable through some proven safe natural chemical process. I think they're offering us the technology, so what has our government done about it?

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