Monday, April 11, 2016

What Indians Have to Do with Summer in Manila

Summer heat seems at its peak this 2016, and yet the early mornings are cool and refreshing. I thank God for this unusual summer where El Nino seems balanced with a subtle blend of hot and cold. Well, they say it's El Nino, and I heard somewhere yesterday that it is about to end.

Though the late mornings and afternoons are still super hot, especially at 10 am to 5 pm. But I like it this way than having super typhoons on rainy days. I sure will miss this summer when the wet season sets in.

Summer here in our locality is usually marked by the flowering and fruiting of mango trees, like the Indian mango tree in our backyard. My sister took a shot at it with the young fruits still clinging to the branches and we're anticipating a mango-packed summer.

To me, summers are nothing without mangoes. Hiking and roaming around becomes even more exciting with them.

Let me see....I think I want to hike next in a place where there's centralized air-conditioning and lots of yellow ripe mangoes. Like a mall..

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