Monday, April 11, 2016

Being Beefy about Life to Succeed

Often, you have to be beefy about life, that's what I always tell myself. The thought comes to me especially when I eat this special Pinoy beef dish we call Bulalo.

I believe the best bulalo dish comes from Tagaytay, that is, except if you can show me one better tasting (and that means you have to invite and treat me for a good meal of your bulalo version to convince me).

It's a beef stew with the bone marrow included and giving that yummy kick to it, plus a  lot of crunchy vegetables I love. Like the one in the picture which we enjoyed in one restaurant we tried in Tagaytay overlooking Taal Lake. After 5 days of nothing but conference meets, my friend treated us to lunch and ordered 2 bowlfuls of bulalo with big plates of pancit, fried chicken and spring rolls. The place was so relaxing because of the panoramic view of Taal right in front of us.

Oh, the restaurant's name? It was Leslie's, along Nasugbu Highway in Tagaytay.

Being beefy about life means you always "eat" or take in life principles that are nothing short of solid and "protein-packed" wisdom that build a tough mettle or mental disposition in you. A lot of times you have to be extremely tough---but even real beef food dishes need to be tenderized to be enjoyed. Tough but tender---that's one thing I really need to be able to travel long distances being Juan Hiker.

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