Monday, February 20, 2017

Make Sure You See These Places in Tagaytay this Summer!

Cool climate and tough ridges. That's what I think about Tagaytay. What most folks know about it are the usual sights---Picnic Grove, Palace in the Sky, views of Taal plus the colorful fruit stands and bulalo restaurants around.

But Tagaytay is really more than that. Take these spots for instance:

From the Museo Orlina website.
Museo Orlina

Ramon Orlina is a famed glass artist the world over. And you can drop by his museum in Tagaytay called Museo Orlina and see his unique glass sculptures. You also enjoy works of other artists using various art media. After checking out the artworks---or after a tiring tour around Tagaytay---you may relax at its coffee shop on the roof deck.

The place also features exhibits, art and music, and other artists. If you want to see what art in Tagaytay housed in a posh and modern museum looks and feels like, then we'll see you at this place.
Ramon Orlina is a pioneer in glass sculpture in the Philippines and a foremost practitioner in the same. See his unique compositions the next time you visit Tagaytay.

It's located along Hollywood St. in Hollywood Subdivision, Tolentino East, Tagaytay (near Sta. Rosa).

Image from PhilStar.
Twin Lakes Shopping Village

First, it only had Starbucks, said to be the best outlet in the country. Today, this tourist hangout is among the best food-trip destinations in Tagaytay. If you love eating at a cool mountain spot in this city, sampling French and Italian desserts and eating exciting palatable breakfasts and dinners while overlooking scenic spots, then don't miss this place.

Some eatery options---Bag of Beans, Buon Giorno, The Farm, Bagoong Club, Fruitcakery, La Crepenie and Silver Bucket, to name a few. The place is in Barangay Dayap, Itaas, near the Nasugbu Highway.

41st Division USAFFE Marker

It's okay to enjoy the Sky Ranch theme park with the family, but I didn't include it here because it's become too popular. No need to introduce it. It will be like talking about Luneta Park---it's recommendable but no need to introduce it.

Get historical for a while in Tagaytay and drop by the USAFFE Marker. It's just near the Metro Tagaytay College of Business and Arts and the site where the United States Armed Forces in the Far East landed during World War II. The 41st USAFFE paratroopers picked this site because of its thick forest and high-peaked terrain before proceeding to liberate Manila from the Japanese Imperial Army. 

It's nice revisiting the past with your family now and then and ponder on the past.

Google Map
The Good Shepherd

Of course, there are other more exciting places here than The Good Shepherd---like Zipline Tagaytay in Picnic Grove, the Bath House at Qiwellness Living, Residence Inn Zoo where there's also a zipline, and Paradizoo. 

But it so happens that ube jam is my favorite, especially if you buy it freshly baked. You can only buy that at The Good Shepherd along Tagaytay Road in Sta. Rosa.

Other sweet delicacies are available here (and said to be the best in the city), pasalubongs, root crops like camote and ube, and of course, its popular halo-halo topped with the best tropical fruits, desserts, ice cream and ube jam. 

Parking is ample. You can drop by there and take pictures, shop while eating ube jam, warm and freshly out of the oven. Nothing beats the experience. I think it has the best ube jam in the Philippines.

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