Friday, February 17, 2017

Ariel's Point, Boracay: Why You've Got to See It

Photo from Ariel's Point
If something is featured in classy magazines like Cosmopolitan, Asian Traveler, and Mabuhay, you got to do everything needed to go see it. And I mean, right now, if need be. Book a tour and stay for this coming summer.

Like Ariel's Point, Boracay. If you want something different in your visit to Boracay, something your friends who frequent to this tourist haven have probably never seen yet, then try Ariel's Point. Traditional Boracay just gives you a noisy night life---disco, singing, bars and some restos and beach. Sometimes it's boring to do the same old, usual things again.

Have you tried cliff diving?

Ariel's Point, Boracay is some 35 to 40 minutes from main Boracay (so it's a real new thing) via an outrigger boat (makes it more exciting). It's actually an eco-adventure experience going here to try some cliff diving (ever heard of that?), snorkeling and kayaking---all in a fresh, unspoiled, pristine tropical environment. Like being in a hidden paradise.

No less than the Huffington Post listed this resort as among the foremost cliff-diving sites the world over. It's famous day-trip package is recommended by Fodor's Travel and lots of topnotch travel bloggers talk about it, too.

Image from Ariel's Point
Aside from the extremely adventurous cliff-diving, what else can you enjoy at Ariel's Point? 

Kayaking is one. Enjoy the pristine shorelines of the small coastal native village of Buruanga, Panay. You may also venture to the small deserted beaches nearby. Ask local fishermen where you can spot more flying fish and take photos of them. 

Paddle boarding is another option. This feature started in March 2016 at Ariel's Point. Try your balancing prowess by standing on the paddle board while it is afloat on the sea tides. If you fall down, you enjoy a nice cool splash in the sea.

Snorkeling is advisable if you get bored of the scenery above water. Experience the underwater world at Ariel's Point, and you're bound to see better sites than what main island Boracay can offer. Those who have enjoyed snorkeling here swear that sea turtles and even dolphins frolic in the area.

Boat cruising is the perfect way to see what lies beyond the shorelines. Go around the islands and even farther out to see lush forests, volcanic rock formations and deserted or unexplored beaches. Discover your own beach! The boat ride offered takes some 35 to 40 minutes, with cool beverages available on board. 

Now, there are many more exciting things to do at Ariel's Point, Boracay, and you better discover them for yourself and your family. I don't have to mention details about the lunch buffet packed with delicious native grilled foods (pork, meat and seafoods), vegetable food dishes, fresh fruit selections and stylish meriendas. 

And how about the open bar that serves your favorite drinks or beverages? And the prospects of sunbathing on a tropical island blessed by the sun?

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