LOCAL HIKER (formerly JUAN Hiker) is about my hikes in life---places I've been to, places I've heard about, places I searched about (as I "hike" online) and places I dream about---plus some news or events in the Philippines tourists and vacationists may want to know about.

I love the Philippines and I dream of someday being able to tour every corner of it with my wife. She loves traveling, too.


This blog features places, resorts, hotels and restaurants but readers are cautioned to double check everything before they try out the places. There are hotel ads on the blog. If you try them you do so at your own risk. The hotels, restaurants, resorts and other places featured here are not in any way connected to this blog or its owner. They are there only for sharing information.

Thus, Local Hiker advices readers to carefully check information about places they want to visit before actually doing so.

Please feel free to use the Travel Book evaluator or price estimator below for your convenience.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and I hope it helped you somewhat. Do come back for weekly updates.

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