Thursday, April 7, 2016

What I Saw I Drew and Wrote

What I see I often put in writing or drawing. When I was a kid, I did it more through drawing. I was an aspiring cartoonist who pretended to be good at drawing cartoons.

In fact, I applied several times as cartoonist in magazines and newspapers at the age of 13 but was rejected for being too young.

What I see in real life reflected in and affected my drawing and writing style. I have a unique eye that sees people from a different angle--often one that they themselves probably haven't seen in their lives.

Like this cartoon I drew about 5 years ago using Mongol pencil. It's a combination of people I saw once and how their personalities impressed me. There was this guy who figuratively always wore a mask because he feared being seen in his real self, the online writer I once met, the guy with the round face, round cheeks and immaculate smiling lips, and the pastor who combed his hair similarly to what you find on the drawing.

You see a lot of details when you roam around and observe a lot.

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