Thursday, April 7, 2016

Where Folks Can Eat Anywhere

Manila, Philippines is the place where folks can eat practically anywhere. If we just find a place to sit, we can eat any meal.

I spotted this guy one lunch time. He bought a packed meal nearby and looked for something to sit on. He found a gutter, sat on it, opened his packed lunch and started eating. Notice a guy nearby eating his lunch while standing.

He didn't look like he was embarrassed by it or felt uncomfortable about it all. He ate well like he was eating right at the dining table of his home. He didn't mind the passersby---in fact, I think he saw me once taking a picture of him, but he didn't mind.

I was far away and hid behind some plants when I took the picture.

It shows how we Filipinos can adapt to our environment fast and even feel at home with it.

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