Thursday, April 7, 2016

Honey Gold

We used to call it round chocnut when I was a kid. Today, it's called Honeygold or something. I still buy it now and then, made of pure Philippine cacao, some powdered peanuts and brown sugar. Then they wrap it in gold foils.

Chocnut came in two forms--the small rectangular bar and this round type. The rectangular one often came with a surprise bonus inside. If you carefully unwrapped it, you may find a stab that said you won 50 cents or a free chocnut.

It's perfect as a dessert or a comfort food. If you're stressed out from too much study, you can enjoy several of them and see how your mood changes. One piece costs a peso.

My sons and my wife have also learned to love them.

If you want chocolate that isn't too sweet but has all the chocolatiness you want--cheap and authentically local--then try Honeygold. We sometimes give them as "pasalubong" or "pa-baon" to balikbayan guests.

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