Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Dangerous Thing I Noted in the Presidential Debates
As Juan Hiker who blogs on things I see while roaming life, I also watch election campaigns closely, like the presidential debate last night. I was reminded of a perya (street corner carnival) I once saw as a kid where a local beauty contest was also held.

You saw the contestants doing and saying all sorts of funny things to please the audience and get applause. Some participants looked formal and serious, but that only made everything funnier. How can you look serious when everything looks funny and almost everyone's laughing? It's just a perya.

Like during the debates. They all tried to sound sincere and true and presented too-good-to-be-true platforms of government which you know only happened in Disneyland. I always hear those promises and platforms every campaign period and yet none of them really ever materialize in the real life, except a poor and half-hearted version of the things promised during the campaign.

It's been always like that for ages. And yet there are people who take these clowns seriously.

I know elections are important, especially presidential elections, but you'd just end up the fool if you take them too seriously and personally. Some even defend their bets like they're life's only hope--as if campaigning for candidates is the sole reason for their existence. They even quarrel over them.

When will these folks learn?

A lot of people are so particular about what platform of government candidates have and their educational background and past performances.

But almost no one's concerned about true righteousness. And I mean genuine righteousness. They all think platforms, the economy, intelligence, educational backgrounds, track records and one's stand on the Philippine West Sea crisis can save a nation.

And they also think "righteousness" is simply not saying bad words, not joking about rape or not disrespecting senior citizens. Religiosity perhaps, but that's not righteousness.

The Word says, "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people." No nation can be exalted or promoted to greatness without true righteousness. What do the candidates think about this? Is this only for Christians or Christian nations?

God required righteousness for Nineveh even if it was a pagan city. The king of Nineveh made righteousness the priority in governance and the city was saved. Those running for the presidency today should also make this a priority. So, which of them do?

I guess none.

So, what's the next best thing to do? Choose the candidate with a heart to consider humility as a vital prerequisite to righteousness. At least, a humble guy might ask God's help in true righteousness.

So tell me honestly---who among the presidentiables displayed humility? Vote for that guy.

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