Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lady in White at Past Midnight?
Later, in the evening, after a dinner of big, tasty Tulingan we just steamed over cooked rice, and when Eddie had more than enough beer, he started to get talkative. 

He talked about his girlfriends in Indang and how he made them all cry. "You should have your share of girls, Juan, and make them cry, too!" he suggested rather imposingly. 

I smiled and kept listening to him while asking God to put Eddie to sleep. He did. That was my opportunity to read my pocketbooks and get nosy a bit around. You know, do some detective work.

But later, the night grew colder and quieter, except for some nocturnal insect chirps and a strange flapping sound just outside my window. Being alone in my room, it felt queer hearing the noises. So I slept. I even woke up at about 2 am and had to go down to relieve myself. You had to go out to the balcony where the stairs was located which descended to the front lawn where the CR was. 

I had to find my way to the rest room in the dark. They said a lady in white sometimes showed herself at the foot of the stairs. Hmm.

The next day, we went out to the property--which turned out to be an abandoned coconut plantation--all forest and wild shrubbery with several tall coconuts still standing proud. 

In the afternoon, Eddie took out some cans of Philip's sausages and American sliced bread for snacks. Then he asked a farmer to fell and open some coconuts for us. There's nothing like fresh coconut juice straight from the tree.

At dusk, we sat by some fallen coconut trees and saw for the first time how big the mosquitoes were in the area--almost as big as dragonflies! In fact, they looked like dragonflies! 

Eddie abandoned his plan of spending an overnight there so we returned to the ancestral home. That was our last cold night in Indang that trip. The following morning, after planning our second trip, we headed back for Manila.

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