Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More Adventures in Indang
Later, I saw two pretty girls I liked in particular--especially the young girl who dropped by Eddie's ancestral home for a chat with the lady caretaker. We were introduced and she seemed shy but nonetheless gave me a sweet smile and suggestive stare.

Nothing materialized.

But the trip didn't turn out boring because Indang looked mysteriously wonderful. I guess, when you're in a place new to you, it has this mysterious appeal. I also notice that food often tastes better when you are in a new place.

Anyway, good that I also brought with me some pocketbooks on mysteries and detective stories--mostly Alfred Hitchcock's--and that added to the mystery that seemed to surround Eddie's old ancestral house.

Looking and feeling around, I just felt there was some mystery to solve there. That's what I'm often like, being Juan Hiker. Always smelling mystery and adventure.

Oh, by the way, we also stopped by the Indang Town Hall (picture above) where Eddie procured some papers. I was fascinated by the town hall, especially how the old building had been partly preserved. Some folks told me it was somewhat the same as it looked during the American occupation. 

At the reception area on the second floor, there was this huge painting of a Katipunero (a rebel soldier that fought against Spain in the 1800s) on horseback announcing something to the townsfolk of Indang. 

I looked around more while waiting for Eddie to finish and appreciated the antique wooden features of the interior. You see the balcony in the picture above? I stood there to look out at the Indang community and imagined how it was in the days of the Katipunan.

And well, I also watched a young pretty lady employee at a counter.

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