Thursday, April 7, 2016

Huge Cross Overlooking the West Philippine Sea

I was amused when I saw the huge, tall cross over a hill in Bataan. Once we stepped out of the bus, it was the first thing you'd see even if the surrounding is full of breath-taking mountainous scenery.

My imagination started working when fast-moving thick clouds began to cover it. It could be an ideal scene for a Dracula or vampire movie. especially when filmed at night, I thought.

Actually, the place is a shrine in memory of the heroic last-stand of Filipino and American forces that fought the invading Japanese army in word War II. A lot of soldiers died in that battle, and the Fall of Bataan signaled the fall of Manila also into the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Several of us went up the high hill where the huge cross stood (I didn't because my ears hurt due to the pressure). The cross was actually a building you can climb up to using an elevator. Then, inside the horizontal portion of the cross, there were windows you could look out from and enjoy views of the nearby provinces and especially the West Philippine Sea.

I just sat at the foot of the hill and enjoyed a lot of nature-sights as well. I also watch this big dog with flappy ears climb the uphill street and went to the base of the hill. I think it also climbed up to the cross.

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