Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eating Meals Inside a Jeep

Ever eaten right inside a public jeepney?

"Jeepneys" are elongated jeeps that have been part of the major transportation in Manila. US Army jeeps in Manila after World Wart II were converted into public vehicles allover the metropolis.

Later, they were made longer to accommodate more passengers---and that meant more income for jeepney drivers.

Now, this unique restaurant in UP Village thought of converting the jeepneys further into dining cubicles. Now, you can eat your meals inside jeepneys.

Is that exciting?

Well, it's nothing new, really. I used to eat food inside jeepneys a lot when I was in college. I ate my sandwiches and street foods there. So did a lot of students. So, the idea had been there long before this restaurant thought of it. but then again, students from Diliman---like those from UP and Ateneo---probably have never experienced it. So this might be something new to them.

If you want to try it, look for the place along Maginhawa Street.

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