Thursday, April 7, 2016

For an Unforgettable (and Funny) Dining Experience

Maginhawa Street in Diliman has become a favorite dinner destination in Manila. That full length of the street, you'd find a lot of quality eateries, cafes and grill restaurants serving both local and international food dishes.

So one time, we went there. We were in a van and surveyed all the eateries. trying to choose the right restaurant for us. One time we had decided to eat at Grill Queen and had a most satisfying lunch with halo-halo.

Cream dory and barbecue.
Oh, you should try their grilled cream dory and pork barbecue. The halo-halo was also good.

But this time around, we tried another restaurant. You should try other restaurants now and then and not stick to just one. Loyalty in this sense won't do you any good. That's what the Roamer discovered.

It looked more like a karinderia than a restaurant. We ordered a lot of good cuisines. I liked the chopped suey best of all.

But there was one problem---I suddenly felt like going to the restroom to poo.

So that started a commotion among us, like there was some kind of emergency or something. Unfortunately, the restroom of the karinderia we ate in was out of order. We had to scour the area for a good, clean and available restroom.

Finally we found one.

The experience was really unforgettable.

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