Monday, April 18, 2016

Have You Ever Listened to Creation?

Nope, that's not anywhere in the US. It's a place in Tagaytay I spent overnight in when my hiking lasted till late afternoon.

It's got lots of amenities and facilities, from basketball to table tennis to swimming to lawn tennis and golf.

Anyway, early in the morning I went out for a leisurely walk. And then I climbed up the steep road and stood quietly on top, surveying my surroundings.

It's always good to stand up meditatively like that, enjoying the quietness and the cool morning air.

I do it at home, too. I love meditating Gods work, even as I hike around.

When you hike, brisk walk or jog, never take along a headphone connected to a radio or something to listen to anything, especially when you are amid Mother nature. Listen to creation instead.

I see lots of folks walk or jog early in the morning and forfeit themselves of the priceless stillness in their surroundings by listening to something through their headphones. What a waste. You get your share of stupid noise the rest of the day, why add more early in the morning?

That's wisdom from Juan Hiker.

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