Monday, April 18, 2016

Why I Love Footbridges
First, it's definitely much safer to take footbridges than simply cross roads and highways on ground zero. Why take risks getting hit or ran-over by speeding vehicles and trucks? And why take risks getting apprehended for jay walking and pay the fine?

Second, God wants us to submit to the governing authorities. So, being Juan Hiker, I love footbridges and taking them, too. When there are none around, I cross on pedestrian lanes even if no one's watching--and even if I have to walk a long way to get to them. But if these lanes are nowhere, then I have no choice but to cross anywhere.

Third, going up and down footbridges are definitely healthier than merely crossing roads on ground zero. Thus, I love taking them for the extra cardiopulmonary workout, and I even love climbing up 3- or 4-level MRT stations like the one at Crossing and Trinoma. Yeah, they make your heart pound wildly and your breathing desperate, but it's good workout.

Just make sure to take it easy and maintain speed at tolerable levels. If you're middle aged, don't imitate the young who run up the 4 floors and even take 2 to 3 steps at a time. I easily climbed up 8 floors, 3 steps at a time, when I was in college. That made me breathless. Our building, NTB, had long elevator queues so that often I took the stairs. It was no sweat.

Taking footbridges is a cheap workout. Imagine if in one hiking trip you climb up 5 footbridges like I did yesterday. And then you walk for a mile. That's cheap health and fitness with middle income budget!

Today, I can still climb up 3 to 4 floors but with a much slower pace. Of course, I'm not content with that. By God' grace, I plan to do higher stair climbs and at faster rates--on a gradual progression.

So, if you can, take the footbridge always and try the challenges that high MRT stations give. Don't overwork yourself, though, but do it with tolerable effort.

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