Friday, April 15, 2016

What Do You Do If Everyone Can Swim Except You?

I can swim, but not that good. Especially, I don't know how to rescue a drowning person.

So, when the kids went for a swim and I had to watch over them, I was wondering what I'd do in case someone drowned. Okay, I'd pull the plug to drain the pool of all the water.

Or, we'd all drink the water in the pool.

But then this little girl (the only girl in the group) suddenly jumped off and dived into the pool. And man, could she swim! So now, I knew what I'd do. "OK guys don't worry! If someone drowns, little Jammy here is going to rescue him."

But there was this kid who obviously didn't know how to swim, but he didn't want the rest to know about it so he brought along his camera. He started taking pictures of the plants in the nearby garden, pretending to be absorbed by it and losing interest in swimming.

Good idea.

Just so he wouldn't feel embarrassed, I appreciated his pictures and asked permission to let me use some of them for my blogs. He agreed. So, here's one of them above.

When you're hiking through life a long time already like Juan Hiker, you learn how to make people feel it's all right despite their shortcomings.

Anyway, in fairness, it's interesting how he took picture of the flowers here with the pool as background. The kid's got talent.

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