Thursday, April 7, 2016

Buko Juice Relief

So, it was so hot early this afternoon and I couldn't get any relief anywhere I went. The afternoon sun was everywhere, even in the high-ceiling recesses of the living room of my cabin-like home.

Then I remembered---late this morning I had bought 2 young coconuts and had poured their water and thin white meat contents in a pitcher which I had placed in the fridge. Happily I brought the pitcher out and enjoyed glasses of ice-cold buko juice.

What a relief it provided from the hot afternoon!

The juice and thin white meat were sweet to the taste (that's why I always prefer to buy young coconuts which we call here in Manila as, "Mala-uhog"), but not too sweet to make you thirsty again right after drinking.

Softdrinks and sodas are like that---though you drink them ice-cold, the sugar in them make you thirsty soon after drinking them during a hot afternoon.

So, it's best to drink pure cold water or buko juice when thirsty in the tropics. Buko juice has electrolytes to keep you from dehydrating and just enough natural sweetness to keep you refreshed and energized.

So, as I have always told people around me, all-natural is always the best. So, go for buko juice.

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