Thursday, April 7, 2016

Short Boat Rides are Better than Nothing

On a hot summer day like what we have today in Manila, I'd wish to be anywhere near bodies of water, like this man-made lake in Nuvali when we dropped by there about a year ago---also summer time---on our way to Tagaytay.

The breeze is somewhat made cooler when you're on the lake and the thin spray of water all as your boat speeds off all add up to give you a refreshing respite. But then the heat returns once the boat stops moving fast and more so when you return back on the land.

Reality will always set in once temporary remedies lose their cover-up effects.

But short-term solutions are still better than nothing. At least the 15-minute boat ride provided a short breathing space that protected us awhile from the heat.

Much like life---we know some things are just temporary, but we still desire them desperately even if they give us short relief.

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