Sunday, April 10, 2016

Night in the City: What Really Goes On

I'd always attended night classes since I was in high school. When I was a first year high school student of E. Rodriguez Jr. High (Yoyong), my classes ended at 9 pm and I still out on busy roads at 10 pm. I often walked all the way from my school to Blumentritt and got a jeepney ride there to Del Monte Avenue in Frisco. Then from there, I tool a Project 8 bus.

Being out there in the streets late at night was some adventure, though scary and dangerous at times.

I took the picture above while riding in front of a van. We were cruising along Quezon Avenue coming from a restaurant on West Avenue where we had dinner. The traffic was heavy, but when I took this shot it kind of lighten a bit.

I always imagine when I'm out in the streets and riding a vehicle---there are conversations going on in each of them, story-telling, laughter, and discussions. There are probably millions of conversations going on daily inside running vehicles on the road.

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