Friday, May 13, 2016

My Miraculous Hike

National Kidney Institute
Some trace of protein was found in my urine so I was told to have a check up at the National Kidney Institute (NKI) along East Avenue on Quezon City. So, morning of May 13 (Friday), I hiked there.

The facilities were okay and I enjoyed the good air-conditioning system all over. I was told to be there at 9 am but the doctor arrived at 12 noon. So I read the newspaper, my bible, talked to patients and slept up to 12 noon. 

I particularly liked one patient---an old man with swelling feet and legs---who seemed excited to talk to anyone. And it happened that I sat in front of him. 

The doctor found my blood test results OK and so with my latest urine test which yielded negative or normal results. But she wanted me to have more tests just to see where how the protein leak happened.

I don't know if I could do more tests. It's so expensive to have just one test.

The night before and that early morning, I and my family had prayed hard for a negative urine test. Other life hikers I train also prayed. Then, early that same morning I had the urine test which initially had negative result. My sister then decided to have the urine tested in their lab, and she called up later to say the lab saw no trace of anything in my urine. 

All normal!

And it was Friday the 13th! Jesus is Lord even on Friday the 13th!

God answered our prayer that quick! It was a miracle from God! Hikers, of all people, should believe in God's power and experience it.

Anyway, I walked around NKI to look around a bit more (that's how hikers are), reminiscing the times my late dad had been confined there and how I and my family had looked after him. I even passed by the ICU area where I had watched over my dad when he was in critical condition. I saw the phone booth still there---I had used it to call my girlfriend (my wife now) at midnight while watching my dad.

I stopped to meditate and recall all these.

Later, I decided to have lunch there, too. Then I started hiking for home.

At first, I had planned on taking a ride to National Housing and get a ride to SM North from there. But then I decided to hike.

Quezon City Hall
I crossed East Avenue and passed through Quezon City Hall. I was feeling kind of dizzy due to the super hot day and the tummy gas that was rising to my head (so I loosened my belt and pants and got tremendous relief). I enjoyed looking at the food items vendors were selling along the sidewalk to city hall. 

I passed through the open areas were food stalls were and the part where elevators in front of the building served higher floors of city hall. I exited at the place where there's a small monument of Rizal (and recalled the times I got jeepney rides there  going to Quiapo when I was a working student). 

National Housing Authority
Later, I found myself along Kalayaan Avenue looking at some fruit stands along the sidewalk. After crossing Kalayaan, I enjoyed watching more fruit stands in front of the PNB Bank there adjacent to the National Housing Authority building. 

More colorful fruits and vegetables along the sidewalk. Wow!

Then I took a public jeepney to SM North and there took a jeepney ride to Jackman. I went up the high stairs to the LRT Station there and passed through Walter Mart where I bought a glass of cold gulaman drink for P10. Aaahhh! 

Then I looked around for a while, enjoying the air-conditioning.

Then I exited at the back and walked to the tricycle terminal along Roosevelt Avenue. Again, I surveyed the fruit stands along the street. I bought 3 small pineapples for P25. 

Finally, I took a trike ride to Parkway Village via Roosevelt Avenue and Del Pilar Street and finally arrived at the school where my dear wife works. While waiting for her, God and I talked at the playground under the big Santol tree where the afternoon wind was strong. I took out my small bible and read it. I ate the pineapples. Hmm, such sweet stuff! Then, Jeff and Jojet dropped by to talk to me, and then I resumed reading the bible when they left.

Finally, my dear wife was done with her work. We smiled and talked softly and then left for home. I had to carry the books she was to bring home, thus my visit to her office that afternoon.

We had a date---had a big banana, siopao and tall, cold pineapple juice drinks at 7-11---and talked of sweet nothings.

That's a day in the life of Juan Hiker.

I praise God for everything!

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