Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hitting a Hundred Islands with One Zip Trip

My wife and her family went to Hundred Islands early this year. She bragged about enjoying one of the longest ziplines she's ever rode on---from island to island. And I believe that zipliner in the picture above was her. 

You had to slide across the vast sea to get to your destination. Anyway, if you fell from the line, the sea water would catch you. 

My wife is a real adventurer when it comes to crazy rides like this. She loves roller coasters, high ziplines and other insane rides like that. 

But she easily gets dizzy during long distance road trips. Well, on second thought, she often gets really dizzy just riding an air-con bus during a 30-minute ride. 

See that? It always puzzles me each time.

By the way, I wasn't with them during the trip to Hundred Islands because I always have a problem with my morning trips to the toilet. Yeah, I hike to places a lot, being Juan Hiker, and get to use toilets in hotels. But I need "quality time" in the morning to relieve myself of everything in the toilet.

Get what I mean?

And I can't be on a trip where you always get in a hurry because of the hectic schedule. I need something like an hour or 2 in the toilet to get everything done there. Hihi!

Remember, a hiker is never in a hurry. That's why he walks through life, not run. 

Anyway, my wife's a hiker, too. 

Here are more pictures of the trip:

Watch this video I got from Youtube:

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