Thursday, November 3, 2016

Slept in the Middle of a Rice Field

We hiked our way around Agbanawag in Nueva Ecija last week to check some things about my wife's dad's rice farm. Agbanawag offers perfect scenes showing vast fresh green fields of swaying palay plants. But when we came there, harvest has just happened so the fields weren't that green, but nonetheless scenic.

But the best part of our 3-day stay there was staying and sleeping in a 2-level concrete house standing right in the middle of the expansive rice field. Nothing around but palay, small ponds, bamboo plants, fruit trees, and the unending cool wind coming from the Sierra Madre mountain range.

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Here are some pictures:

The houses in the distance (left picture) are some of our "neighbors" in the area. Imagine what the whole place looks at night.

The shadow is the one cast by the 2-level concrete house. Somewhere there I could hear ducks cheering, probably a hundred of them. All around were birds of different varieties, big and small.

Sometimes, mists would settle around us and wet us with showers of tiny droplets and then leave. The Sierra Madre mountains often have their tops covered by clouds.

Staring at the scenes and the distant mountains felt like some kind of emotional and mind therapy, plus the fresh air you fill your lungs with.

I had a lot of time meditating while hiking around, enjoying the simple but rich God-created nature.

Another area of the rice field.

The nearest shady tree.

When we hiked more around, especially when we passed by San Jose, we saw other interesting places. We were mesmerized by the hills and mountains we passed by near the road. We also saw other scenic places, like carabao center specializing in carabao dairy, cheese and other products popular in the locality.

Visitors can also drop by near Pantabangan Dam and the road to Baler, Aurora. These places are picturesque.

More pictures of where we stayed here: 

The place at dusk with reflection 
from the fish pond.

The concrete road from the gate to the house
with the fishpond beside.

That's Liela looking afar. She's
a playful but brave watch dog.

The fishpond.

The makeshift bamboo bridge.

That's my hand when I was crossing 
the bamboo bridge while hiking around.

When we hiked to the wet market 
at the town center.

End of hiking story.

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