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The Really Exciting Thing about Bohol's Loboc River Cruise

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Bohol's Loboc River cruise---the first time I heard of it when I was a new content writer (or what I call "online hiker") for a Philippine travel blog, I immediately fell in love with it. Imagine this huge raft made of bamboo, nipa and other native materials floating along the river while the crew team serves you delectable meals.

What could be a better travel experience in Bohol?

And I'd heard how charming Bohol was and how enchanting its forest life was which mesmerizing tarsiers made even more mysterious. So, as Juan Hiker, I immediately and desperately desired a visit to Bohol---and especially try the Loboc River cruise.

Sadly, it still remains to be seen.

But I'm an online hiker and nothing can stand in my way trying to have a virtual Bohol trip. So I packed up and hiked on the Net and started the adventure.

Refreshing Drinks First

So, as soon as you get on board the raft or boat, the crew team offers you a refreshing drink. If I were there I'd opt for the fresh coconut juice anytime, with the clear sweet juice still intact inside the coconut shell. They just cut off the top,  put in a straw and serve.

Lunch Buffet

Then buffet lunch is served---before any cruising starts. This is probably so your sightseeing along the river won't be interrupted by your lunch. You focus on your lunch first and then the sightseeing later. And what is lunch all about?

Aside from mouthwatering native Filipino and Boholano cuisines, you are surprisingly treated to a wide array of European and Asian food dishes. And no wonder, because a lot of foreigners are often on board. They get it all balanced even---you have dishes of meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, and desserts.

The Cruise

After lunch, the cruise starts. Now you can forget about food or lunch (although the rich flavor of the food dishes you enjoyed still linger in your mouth) and focus on the sightseeing, picture-taking and talking with other fellow passengers.

You see the rich forest life of Loboc, Bohol---the lush green vegetation and wilds and the light green river water itself. You catch sights of more native huts along the river---eloquent description of Loboc life on the riverbanks---and other small fishing boats. The 30-minute ride going to and then another 30-minute ride going back will take you to a different world, amazing enough to make you forget city life for a while.

Then, when you see the small Busay Falls you'd know the cruise is in its final chapter. The P450 you paid was all worth it.

What's the really exciting thing about Loboc River cruise? It's simply to be there, enjoying everything!

Next destination? How about the centuries old Loboc Church? Or a zipline adventure that runs across the Loboc forest, river and waterfalls?

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