Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Don't Miss These Specials When in Tagaytay
What would Tagaytay be without those roadside fruit stands? One of the reasons I love hiking in Tagaytay is the sight of brightly colored fruits hanging around makeshift stalls along the roads and highways. I always go for the unique Senyorita bananas and pineapples.

Once we're almost on the topmost part of Tagaytay, the fruit stands begin to show themselves. That's when I quit taking a nap and look out the window of our van to feast my eyes on them. I also love looking at the wonderful wood carvings and Ifugao huts.

I love having pineapples peeled and chopped and placed in a plastic bag so I can munch on them as we go on up to the main Aguinaldo highway overlooking Taal and cliff-side residences. I also often buy pineapples on the way home.

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Among places we love visiting here is Tagaytay Royale where we sometimes have lunch buffet to celebrate a birthday. What I love eating here are the chopped fresh fruits served, among many others. Foremost of them is---you guessed it---pineapple.

And then we hike to the Mahogany Market for a round of the famous "Bulalo" or beef stew with generous servings of tender, flavorful beef, bones and the fatty marrow inside. And that comes with lots of crunchy vegetables.

Sometimes, we try posh restaurants serving delicious Tagaytay native lunch treats (kare-kare, fried chicken and fried tilapia or tawilis) with bulalo (if the budget allows it). You'd never miss the restaurants lined up along the main highway. And then we buy fresh beef from the adjacent meat market where the meat even pulsates in freshness.

After roaming around the city, we also love buying fresh goat's milk and white cheese made of the same---perfect filling for hot pandesal. And often we also visit The Good Shepherd for some root crops and jars of freshly baked ube jam. We may also try some halo-halo there (mixed desserts and fruits with shaved ice, milk, sugar and ice cream).

Pastillas? They're everywhere in Tagaytay. I can recommend The Original pastries store along the Sta. Rosa Tagaytay Road near the Philippine National Police Academy or PNPA. Or even other pastry stores along that highway.

There are lots of places you can go visit in Tagaytay---Picnic Grove, Palace in the Sky, Sky Ranch with the giant Ferris wheel, and the new Robinson's mall there, to name a few. But I enjoy more the places where food and delicacies are sold than the places of entertainment. I'm a food lover. I'd choose eating pineapples or bulalo anytime than enjoying rides.

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