Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mount and Lake Pinatubo - Zambales

Lake Pinatubo
It was June 15, 1991 when I noticed dark clouds and something like white sand falling from the sky. Later, I learned that it was ash fall from Mount Pinatubo in Zambales which had erupted then. Soon, everything was covered with white, like White Christmas in the US.

Little did we know that it was the second largest terrestrial volcanic eruption in the 20th century.

After so much evacuation in Central Luzon, including Clark Air Base, and after finally recovering from the catastrophe, affected folks in Luzon soon had an almost instant tourist spot to be proud of---Lake Pinatubo.

The lake was formed by the great eruption and has now become among favorite trek destinations of hikers and climbers. Some visitors have described the lake as "a wide jewel of blue and green."

The lake is good for viewing and picture-taking but not for swimming. An Inquirer report came out in 2013 saying the lake is not good for swimming and authorities near the area warned trekkers not to swim there. In fact, a trekker has already drowned there. Trekking up Pinatubo itself is not advisable for all. Only professional mountaineers are allowed.

I have not yet gone to Pinatubo or the lake, but from what I've heard, the place is really something to see. Watching it in a TV program (Juan Hiker also "hikes" and "travels" by watching TV and searching online) was enough to convince me of its breath-taking view.

Mount Pinatubo is one of the Zambales mountains that form the Cabusilan Mountain Range. Others are Mt. Negron, Mt. Cuadrado and Mt. Mataba.

Other provinces near Mount and Lake Pinatubo are Pampanga and Tarlac.

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