Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Umbrella Clad Brisk Walker

It may be somewhat ridiculous, but it's the smart thing to do today if you brisk walk late in the morning or early in the afternoon. Carry an umbrella along and hide under it when brisk walking.

I see some folks brisk walk late in the morning without protection from the sun. If you brisk walk at 8:30 am or so, you need to protect yourself from intense heat and sunlight.

Believe it or not, I saw several guys one time jogging at noon. That's a silly time to jog. Imagine the harmful UV rays that will penetrate your skin and damage your cells.

Take it from me, being Juan Hiker, an expert when it comes to walking or hiking long distances. Aside from taking along a  bottle of water to rehydrate yourself now and then, take an umbrella, open it and hide under it while brisk walking.

And use breakable glass bottles to store water in, not plastic bottles.

It may make you look ridiculous, but better to be funny-looking than get sick with a deadly ailment later.

I wish every street would be abundant with shady trees, like the ones I saw in New Manila, Forbes and McKinley while I was hiking in their vicinities.

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