Friday, April 8, 2016

Kids Party I'll Never Forget

One of the best buffets I had was at Shakey's (Quezon Avenue). It was simple, yet the pizzas and fried chicken were superb.

Every pizza flavor was there, the fried chicken tray was always reloaded with fresh supplies, there was ice cream in 3 flavors in a cart (what we call in Manila, "dirty" ice cream) plus FREE picture-taking all you can in a booth.

And how about the balloons?

What more could I ask for?

It was a kid's birthday party where only two kids were around and the rest were adults (probably about 30 of us). So, during the games, the adults enjoyed playing while the 2 kids watched us.

The party moderator had a hard time explaining the rules of the games to us.

Finally, the moderator ran out of games (and the mascot was also too tired trying to make the 2 kids laugh), and all we had left to pester was the ice cream man and the guy operating the picture booth. So we pestered them until they got too tired as well. I noticed then that the 2 kids were already sleeping.

I was a nice time for all of us adults. I never had such fun.

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