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Unusual Beaches in San Antonio, Zambales

Anawangin Cove. Image from San Antonio, Zambalez Wiki
Aside from its big mangoes, Zambales is known for its beaches. And you should visit San Antonio in Zambales if you want excellent beaches that have mystery behind them. Well, the mystery is that the beaches here were the result of a recent natural cataclysmic event.

The beautiful beaches in Bagsasa and Anawangin in particular, were "birthed" after Mt. Pinatubo sent tons of volcanic ash to the area where before there were only unsightly rocks that had made the place uninviting. But the volcanic ash later proved fertilized and agoho trees, probably "planted' there through bird poo and other acts of nature, started to appear and create an evergreen forest. At a glance, they look like pine trees along the beach, as if Baguio City suddenly appeared in Boracay or vice versa. 

Romantic Capones ISland. Image fom
San Antonio, Zambales Wiki.
Thus, a miracle was born. 

The place is Pundaquit, San Antonio in Zambales, where you find Anawangin, Bagsasa and Silanguin, just to name a few scenic spots. Pundaquit cradles an old Spanish lighthouse on the hilltop of Islas de Punta Capones where you take an uphill stairs to reach it and see the breath-taking seafronts and beachfronts. The lighthouse was built in the 1800s and probably hides a lot of secrets and mysteries.

You may also visit Redondo Peninsula, a mountain range separating Subic Bay from the West Philippine Sea. Anawangin Cove with its white sand beach should not be missed, and Crystal Beach in San Narciso which is a surfer's haven. 

What to do in this paradise? Well, it's pretty obvious. The 3 S---swim, snorkel, or surf. Or, do beach hopping. Trek and explore the beaches. Or drop by the San Antonio public market and sample the delightful Zambales kakanin (rice cake delights). Or spend an overnight camping at Anawangin where you pitch tent amid an abundance of tall trees and creeks and then watch the stars at night. Or bath at Nagsasa Falls and soak in the cold, refreshing water all day. 

Or climb up the Capones lighthouse, as aforesaid and then selfie all you can. Or simply meditate the abundance of Mother nature before you.

And since the place is abundant with beaches and sea water, try fishing (obvious ba?) and grill your catch on an open fire. Then ponder on the sunset later as you enjoy your grilled catch with a dip of local native spiced up vinegar.

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